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Product creation

In the Ethel Lab we define, create and publish new legal technology. Simple, user-friendly and always innovative.

Legal technology encompasses everything to radically change the legal world. Legal tech is more than code: it is a conviction. It is believing in a better legal world that handles law more transparently, beautifully and more practically.

Legal tech has been around for longer than the hype. As long as technology has existed, people have used it to work faster and more efficiently. In recent years disruptive technologies have significantly reversed roles in many sectors. In fintech, for example, where sexy start-ups have suddenly started to hand out the sheets. The battle for the consumer has begun.

Legal tech hasn’t taken off to the same extent yet. Not only is it harder for outsiders to understand the legal world, the investments are also smaller. Well, smaller. In 2018, more than a billion euros was invested in legal tech start-ups. A large amount, and there are strong indications that 2019 will be another record year.

These are exciting times for legal practitioners, corporate counsels and lawyers. What is certain is that legal tech has no intention of putting legal professionals out of work. On the contrary, legal tech will ensure that legal work will become more challenging, specialized and unique. Dull, repetitive tasks will be taken over by computers and algorithms, and that’s just good news.

At Ethel we envision the legal products for tomorrow. In our legal tech lab we create custom solutions that go beyond a quick tool, or the next artificial intelligence application that in the end turns out to be not intelligent at all.

We build nifty, practical and user-friendly tools. Code that pays off bringing added value, beyond the hype. We believe in custom solutions, because every firm, company or legal department has specific needs and is organized differently.

Ethel has a huge head start. All founders and employees are legally trained and have years of experience in the legal industry. This ensures they thoroughly know the industry, which in turn ensures realistic promises and results.

We can help you make your law firm more efficient. By introducing software to capture leads better and faster. By making time tracking more convenient. By serving clients faster and better via support platforms.

Corporate counsels have different needs. We work together with the purchasing department and the legal department to create the technical tools of tomorrow, ensuring everyone within the company can focus on the tasks that yield the most. Both in job satisfaction and in financial terms.

Because that’s what legal tech is all about: re-introducing the joy into legal work. Increasing job satisfaction and assigning boring, repetitive tasks to those who never sleep, are never sick, and never complain: our computers.