Legal Curation

Trough the maze of legal tech players

Product curation

Sometimes you don't need a custom solution. We precisely know what is out there in the market and what meets your needs.

Today we see a rich but very fragmented market for software solutions. Many applications and tools may already meet the needs of your firm or company.

Custom made software costs money. You simply cannot ignore that. And although at Ethel we love to create new and exciting applications in our legal tech lab, it sometimes makes more sense to examine existing applications and integrate them nicely.

Thoroughly knowing the market: that’s where we come into the picture. Our Chief Innovation maintains warm ties with all legal tech players and indicates which tools meet your needs. Or which tools can be integrated in a whip, so your firm or department will soon operate a tech-enabled powerhouse.

We help legal counsels and lawyers to find their way through the maze of legal tech players. We organize pitch days at your office or ours. We make a pre-selection of players who could prove to be a match with your company.

In short: we are the missing link between the market and your company or firm. The fastest way to greater efficiency in an economically viable manner.

Quickly introduce efficiency to your company or law firm with existing tools? Contact our experts for an introductory meeting.