Legal Tech Coaching

We can help grow your business

Legal Tech Coaching

You’ve come up with a wonderful legal tech solution. Great! We can help grow your business, so you can focus on what matters most: building and maintaining a great tech tool. We’re here to guide you, and act as a matchmaker between your business and your future clients.

Doing business isn’t easy. You do not only have to develop a good tech tool, but also refine your own marketing strategy, acquire customers and sharpen your business model in order to actually generate revenue.

At Ethel we help legal practitioners, lawyers and corporate counsels to make their operations and services more efficient and beautiful. We have excellent contacts in the legal tech industry and know nearly every player on the market. That’s why we we also care about you: the legal tech start-up.

You already have a fantastic idea to disrupt the legal world, or you’ve already built the product of your dreams? That’s great. Because we can guide you further on the road to success. Thanks to our many years of experience in various companies, we know the do’s and don’ts of a start-up. We can advice and guide you through your first steps and assist you in negotiations with potential investors.

We can include you in the portfolio we present to our clients. We can relieve you in terms of marketing, business and financials. We can ensure that your product grows faster, that your service is presented more clearly, that your turnover increases faster.

Because that’s the only way you can focus on what matters: your idea of ​​changing the legal world. After all, we welcome every application and every idea that makes the legal world more beautiful, more transparent and more practical.

The legal industry is ready for change. The legal industry is ready for your idea. Let us work together to turn your idea into reality.

Toast to a new legal world? Let’s grab a coffee.