CIO as a service

Let us set up your digital strategy

CIO as a service

Need someone to sort out your IT without having to tussle for skills and competence in a starved market? Need a dab hand at technology without worrying about the price tag? Let us set up your digital strategy while you focus on your core business.

A what as a service? A CIO-aaS: a Chief Innovation Officer as a Service. You can already hire them today. You couldn’t have made it up yourself. Nevertheless, it is fantastic news, because it saves you heaps of time.

After all: a CIO should have many competences. Firstly – and perhaps most importantly – your next CIO must have deep and thorough knowledge of the legal world. A bank is not a law firm, an accounting firm is not a corporate legal department.

Secondly, your CIO must be aware of the latest technologies, beyond the issues of the day and the associated hypes. Buzzword bingos such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning only make an impression if they actually deliver: both in terms of return and efficiency.

It doesn’t have to be that high level, by the way. Many firms and legal departments have the greatest difficulty in choosing high-quality tools. And a digital strategy, well, it should go further than implementing some fun tools. Many digital transformation projects fail because they lack project management and knowledge of the relevant sector.

Do you want to lift your company to higher technological spheres? Is your legal department ready for a technological update? Do not hesitate. The people at Ethel quickly and efficiently guide you onto the technological track. They perform audits, implement tools, and provide training until everyone in your firm or legal department is convinced of the added value, and has fully mastered the new way of working.

You may have already taken major steps in your digital transformation, you may have to start from scratch: it does not matter. We work with what we have and speak comprehensible language.

A CIO-aaS. What a concept. It is actually a fancy title for the person who guides you through your digital adventures.

That is what Ethel aims to do: welcome you to a more efficient technological world.