Workshops & Training

Challenge your team and rethink processes

Workshops & Training

Create more awareness and develop new skills among your partners and employees. We’re ready to challenge your team and rethink your business processes.

We love legal design. And we love talking. And that is precisely why we would like to take you into the wonderful world of legal design jams & challenges, innovation bootcamps and growth hacking courses. Chinese, you say? Not for long.

At Ethel we offer tailor-made workshops and training. Customized, because no law firm or legal department is the same. Own methods, accents and uses season each and every legal practice.

We work practically in these workshops. No lengthy sec lectures which are overly remote from your daily life. Nor the raised finger that tells you how to do your job.

Collaboration and co-creation: that’s our focus. These workshops and training courses make you resilient in a changing world, ensure that you can use the most efficient legal design tools, and can quickly and painlessly introduce best practices in your firm or legal department.

Legal design is not a fantasy, it’s simple science, borrowed from design thinking practices that have existed successfully for years in other industries. From graphic design where the focus lies on graphic elements, to service design where we think differently about services and how we can make certain services shine brighter.

Legal design is not a hype. It’s a different way of thinking, a different way of working. It is bringing a certain beauty to today’s often impersonal legal mumbo jumbo. It is learning to think again, learning to think differently. It is the revaluation of the law: still expressed in words – but with more body and meaning.

Curious about how you can get your legal department to thrive in the world of legal design? Then contact our people and let yourself be carried away in the wonderful world of legal design.