Service Design

Succesful in many industries

Service Design

Design thinking has been proven successful in many industries. We aim to bring human-centered design into the world of law. Let’s team up to make legal services client-oriented, usable, and satisfying.

Customers are becoming increasingly critical, articulate and impatient. Besides, they easily find their way to your competitors through the internet. So how do you make sure they choose you? Create a true competitive advantage by focussing on customer satisfaction and customer experience.

In recent years, much has been said about legal process improvement. But how much of it has been proven useful? Methodologies such as lean six sigma and business process design have been utilized for decades in other industries such as manufacturing or consumer goods, but professional services, and particularly the legal industry, face unique challenges when it comes to utilizing these approaches in a meaningful way.

Most design disciplines draw from other areas and fields. Technology, cognitive science and aesthetics all contribute to design as we know it today. Service design, a more recent application of design expertise, is no different. It draws on many concepts, ranging from user experience, marketing and project management in order to optimize new services.

Improve your range of services using our tools and training programs. By designing new, valuable services, by linking services to products and improving your existing services, you can successfully innovate and improve your customer experience.

Service design entails considering both the front-end experience the legal user goes through, as well as the back-end experience the service providers go through. The goal of our service design approach is to spot where we can intervene, either in the front-end or the back-end, to make the system work more smoothly, with greater support for the user, and more efficiency for the service provider.

We have hands-on expertise and experience in using tech tools in legal services. This helps us when co-creating a modern legal function with you or supporting the optimization of your existing legal service delivery.

All the way from blueprinting the entire process both you and your client go through to rethinking the way in which you deliver your services. That’s what legal service design encompasses. A very broad range of things, all with a single end goal in mind: better services delivered faster.

Whether you’re looking for a new revenue model, want to target a different customer segment or improve your overall client journey, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team is acquainted with all of the latest models and methodologies to help you get on the right track.