Graphic Design

Law should be attractive

Information Design

Do your clients actually understand what you’re trying to tell them? Law should be accessible, helpful and attractive. We transform your legal content into crisp and understandable documents.

Could law also be beautiful? Of course it can. Until recently, little or no attention was paid to the beauty of the law. That’s hardly surprising: texts are often sec, long and all too often illegible. However, things are changing, because legal design has entered our sector.

Design thinking is anything but new: it has existed in other industries for years. Through information design, we ensure that your documents not only look beautiful, but are simply revived so that long, illegible texts and words suddenly transform into understandable language.

How? Well, through the use of illustrations, photos, accompanying text and even videos or animations. Everything that ensures your message is being transmitted faster and more clearly. That your contracts can be signed faster and without grumbling, because every person involved understands perfectly what they are about. That lengthy negotiations are a thing of the past, that consumers are more satisfied, that people learn to appreciate the law again.

That is what legal design wants to reintroduce: love for the law. Laws and regulations govern our lives in everything we do. It is of vital importance that you as a lawyer or company adjust your communication to modern times. In the end, the legal world will not escape these new communication techniques.

Make it more beautiful. Make it more fun. Make it more readable. That is our mission, which we very much want to achieve with you. Legal practitioner, lawyer or corporate counsel: graphic design could mean the difference between annoyance or joy.

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