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Pieter-Jan Franssen

Chief Business

As Chief Business, Pieter-Jan is the go-to-guy for clients to meet. With his calm and reassuring attitude, he conveys a very important message: technology is not here to replace you, but to strengthen you.

Pieter-Jan is a lawyer at the Limburg bar. He is a member of the IT committee of the Order of Flemish Bars. Pieter-Jan is a driven innovation catalyst that uses his knowledge of the sector to guide lawyers and legal counsels towards efficiency, growth and innovation.

As our Chief Innovation, Daan knows all ins and outs of the legal technology and design branche. He knows every player in the field. We lovingly call him our Wikipedia, since his mind works faster than our computers.

Daan followed a training as a notarial lawyer and innovation manager at Vlerick. He is a creative thinker with a passion for entrepreneurship. After experiences in fintech and insurtech, Daan devoted himself fully to the fascinating world of legaltech. He is always on the look-out for creative solutions for challenging business issues.

Daan Vansimpsen

Chief Innovation

Ilona Salo Ethel Ilona Salo Ethel

Ilona Salo

Legal Creative

As a Legal Creative, Ilona is great at turning information into beautifully structured presentations, infographics and contracts. She is currently still wrapping up her master’s in law at the University of Helsinki, but already acquired some previous professional experiences.

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We like to think of ourselves as a legal special forces team with singular focus and an execution mindset. To live up to this, we need the best talent in the market. Everyone in our team relentlessly drives towards getting shit done and improving the industry we love. And we’re looking for you! 

At Ethel we see ourselves as the challenger team dedicated to helping legal practitioners transform themselves and their industry. Click here if you’re interested to build with us at the new era of legal. 

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