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Clio Legal Trends Report 2019

Our fresh team member Ilona Salo started off her legal design internship with creating a slide deck highlighting most important facts and figures stated in the 2019 Clio Legal Trends Report.

In essence the findings can be summarized in two main categories:
🎯the drivers that make a firm successful
📱the reasons for customers to pick you as their lawyer

The original report by Clio

Interested in downloading the full original report? Check out the link →

Introduction. Closing the gap

Part 1. This is what law firm growth looks like

Part 2. Clients want more than just referrals

Part 3. More than half of clients shop around

Part 4. Putting 1000 law firms to the test

Part 5. How prepared is today’s lawyer to drive their firm’s success?

Part 6. Hourly rates and KPI data

More Data. Dig deeper into the LTR datasets

It’s filled with great data and visuals so enjoy!

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