We Create And Curate Legal Products, Design The Legal Industry, And Innovate It.


“If we leave it to professionals themselves to reinvent their workplace, are we asking the rabbits to guard the lettuce?”

Prof. Richard Susskind

“Legal design adds an additional dimension to the law graduates mindset — it teaches students to view legal issues from the perspective of clients and consumers, a skill usually cultivated only after several years of legal experience.”

Prof. Marie Potel-Saville

Law by design is a lens that puts the focus of law on innovating, testing and building systems that serve the agency of people involved in them.”

Margaret Hagan, Stanford University

“Legal information is usually delivered in a complex, not engaging manner. This is not only a problem for citizens and consumers, but also for professionals and businesses: unclear contracts and regulations lead to misunderstandings, wrong decisions, and legal problems.”

Stefania Passera

“The digital transformation of the legal industry has already commenced and is mainly being driven by the more-for-less challenge, liberalization, and the process of digitization.”

Zoë Andreae